How to Play Blackjack

If we are talking about playing casino games, there are a few games that are popular. It is without any doubt that if you enjoy betting at a casino table, you will be familiar with these games. Among them is the blackjack game, which has been a part of the casino table game collections for a long time. Since its introduction, there has been an increase in the number of people that love to try their luck at the blackjack table. For players in Canada that will love to learn more about playing online, check out

The Blackjack Game

The blackjack game is an easy game to understand as there is not a lot of gimmicks and underlying principles to learn. It is all about having the cards with the best total. This means that in the game, you need to ensure that you have a card hand that is up to 21, not more than 21 or close to 21. In the game, a card hand with the value of 21 is known as a blackjack hand, which is an automatically winning hand. If you can get this hand, you win the game round.

On the other hand, if your total card value can exceed 21, then you lose the game round automatically. When the game starts, you will receive two different cards from the dealer and then, the dealer will also receive their cards. Once you open your card and you have 21, you win. However, if your card value is less than 21, you will need to make a decision to either hit or stand. If you stand, then you need to wait for the dealer to proceed with the game. But if you hit, you will receive another card, which will be added to your previous card.

Playing Blackjack Online

The playing principle of the blackjack game is the same across all variation, whether it online or at a brick and mortar casino. The good thing is that once you already have an idea of how to play the game, you will not have any problem getting started with the game. In that case, we recommend that you take a look at the basics of the game before you decide to choose a casino you want to play the game. Once you have an understanding of how the game works, then you can choose from the casinos we list below.

  • Casumo Casino
  • Betamo Casino
  • Karamba Casino

After you have selected the casino that you want to join, you can then go on ahead to play the blackjack version you want. However, before you can do that unless you want to play for free, you need to ensure that your account is already credited. To do this, you will need to locate and click the deposit button, which will transfer you to the payment page. There, you can select the payment option you will like to use depending on your preference and other factors. Once that is done, you can refresh your account to see if the money is credited to your account.

Bonuses and Other Online Incentives

There are different bonus offers that come with playing at an online casino. The good thing is that the moment you create an account at most casinos online today, you will receive a welcome bonus. This welcome offer, you can use it to play most games at the casino because some casinos include certain restrictions to their bonuses. This is why it is important you take a look at the casino's bonus terms before you go on to claim the offers. Aside from that, there are other kinds of bonuses you stand to enjoy as an active player.